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Bathroom Storage


Create an elegant bathroom space with convenient and stylish storage options from our collection of baskets, caddies and drawers. Decluttering your bathroom with gorgeous willow baskets or storage units is easy, whether it’s a compact or a large bathroom. Match with coordinating bathmats and accessories. A tidy bathroom with compartmentalised storage cabinets makes for hassle free mornings. The range boasts of designs and styles that can easily be incorporated into every bathroom, and can blend in with every décor. From natural, knitted and velour baskets to wooden and metal units and shelves, you’re sure to find a suitable one with us. Why not check bathroom mirrors to finish off the look, while creating a stylish effect.

Chrome Harper Gem Storage Shelves (573948) | $126
Slimline Storage Unit (777034) | $50
Bronx Wire Storage Caddy (T14899) | $67
Storage Caddy (A13328) | $59
Harper Gem Slimline Silver Storage Caddy (A13332) | $71
Bronx Three Tier Wire Caddy (353943) | $45
Grey Velour 4 Drawer Unit (975629) | $50
Chrome Wire Storage Caddy (678266) | $42
Bobby Bear Bath Toy Store (A13364) | $22
Chrome Shower Caddy (A00406) | $18
Chrome Shower Caddy (A00405) | $18
Chrome Storage Trolley (222352) | $119