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Womens Nightwear


Get your beauty sleep in style with our collection of women’s nightwear. Made from super soft and cosy materials, refresh your pyjama collection with our range of sets and separates. Short pyjamas and nighties are perfect for warmer nights, while our luxurious slippers and dressing gowns are a cosy option for easy weekend mornings. If you’re looking for a cosy, on-trend look for lounging, be sure to check out our loungewear collection.

Charcoal Grey Glow In The Dark Ghost Cotton Long Sleeve Pyjamas (U30598) | $50
Chestnut Brown Suede Mule Slippers (M40019) | $35
Grey Mr Fox Scion At Next Oversized Blanket Hoodie (A96449) | $61
Yellow Sloth Cotton Long Sleeve Pyjamas (M95407) | $46
Green Festive Friends Supersoft Cosy Pyjamas (U30596) | $46
Navy Blue Stars Cotton Tunic And Legging Pyjamas Set (247255) | $48
Pink Floral Supersoft Cotton Cosy Pyjama Set (U42819) | $42
Beige Suede Mule Slippers (A04231) | $35
Ecru White  Floral Supersoft Cosy Pyjamas (U30595) | $46
Mauve Pink Supersoft Ribbed Dressing Gown (A96338) | $42 - $45
Purple Mr Fox Scion At Next Oversized Blanket Hoodie (A96335) | $61
Berry Red Dog Supersoft Cosy Pyjamas (M00376) | $46